Whether a student is an elite athlete or engaging in sports for the health and mental benefits, students at London Academy are well supported by our facilities and highly qualified coaches. Football is an important sport of Morocco and London Academy believes in developing healthy competitive skills in this sport with surrounding schools. In doing so, our students are able to advance their social skills, self-confidence and lead a healthy lifestyle.


London Academy believes in providing several sporting opportunities for our students to develop skills in teamwork, leadership and self-confidence. Our basketball teams compete with surrounding schools in a healthy manner with a focus on building Eagle pride. Our highly trained coaches provide students the opportunity to advance their basketball skills and social skills.


Our school focuses on the improvement of physical health. Our students participate in a great form of exercise and expression of self through active dancing with high energy teachers. Students enhance their emotional development and are encouraged in socialization, creativity and cognitive development all through dance. Our focus is to stimulate the brain through multiple options.


Robotics class takes educational technology to a new level of developing STEM skills. Our students become prepared for the future in a creative atmosphere allowing them to become leaders, team players, and build a community within the school. London Academy provides amazing resources for our students in robotics class and participates in many robotics competitions.

Media Studies

London Academy is a 21st century school focused on providing opportunities for students to interact with technology. Our school provides Virtual Reality to provide outstanding visualization that is not possible in a tradition classroom. The technology can be used cross-curricular from art to the sciences. Our highly trained teachers provide the safe space for students to explore, innovate and interact with complex concepts in any subject.

Fab Lab

London Academy provides a collaborative space for digital manufacturing. Our students have the opportunity to interact with advanced technology to digitally invent, design and produce materials using a 3D printer. This fascinating tool prepares our students for the future of technology and discover through curiosity possible career options in technology.

Science Lab

Our science labs are equipped to allow for hands on discovery of science. London Academy believes in providing unique opportunities for students to actively engage in the learning process. Through science labs students are able to predict, investigate, gather data, dissect and explore their curiosity of science in a safe environment.


Our library is at the heart of our school in a wonderfully large and peaceful space designed with the 21st century in mind. The comfortable and inviting space provides several seating options to peak imagination and engagement in the reading process. Our students have access to over 2,000 new library books across several genres in Arabic, French, and English. We also offer e-book programs to develop independent reading and inspire a love for reading.


London Academy provides healthy and nutritional food options for our pupils. Our menu offers a variety of high energy food options that change daily. We follow the necessary safety and hygienic precautions to provide satisfying meals for our pupils each day.
à coté de Mr. Bricolage, Bouskoura, Maroc
Rabat: 0684 240 240
CASABLANCA: 0684 230 230
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