Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials provide the genuine feedback future parents of London Academy need to hear. By reading the testimonials of our London Academy parent’s, it is evident that our school focuses on technology, the well-being of your pupil and developing 21st century skills. Check out what our parents have to say about their pupil attending London Academy and their experience with distance learning.

Q. How is distance learning going?

“I find that London Academy’s educational system and curriculum is excellent. London Academy especially emphasizes on technology, which is not the case for many Moroccan schools. Technology is prevalent in the careers of the future, especially with what we are living in today, with COVID-19, everything will be done on the internet.” –Mr. Assime (LAC parent)

“It’s a great experience! Frankly, we do not feel that our children are lost, on the contrary, they are in class, nothing has changed except the fact they are staying at home.” –Mrs. Tiouale (LAC Parent)

“Idder has been interested, from an early age, in learning English and information technology and especially everything that has to do with programming language. At London Academy, he has found his opportunity; he found what he had been looking for.” – Mr. Moutia (LAC Parent)

Q. How does the British education system compare to the traditional education system?

“My son is happy! I see it through his smile in the morning when he goes to school, when he comes home in the evening, when I pick him up from school. He is happy to go to school every day.” –Mr. Ait Ounejjar (LAC parent

Alumni Spotlight-Our students are going abroad!

It’s that time of year as we honor our Class of 2020 London Academy Seniors. Your hard work and dedication to succeed is memorable. As you set foot on your new paths abroad, you have the London Academy family cheering you on as you set out to accomplish new goals and impact the world.

We would like to congratulate the following outstanding seniors: Mohamed Omar Benmakhlouf, Chen Yi Yan, and Aya Slaoui. Mohamed Omar Benmakhlouf will be attending Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts with concentration in Entrepreneurship. Chen Yi Yan will be attending University of Manchester in the United Kingdom to Major in Business and Law. Aya Slaoui will be attending Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec majoring in International Business.

London Academy recognizes these outstanding students for their careful leadership in school. Over the years, these students have encouraged their peers, led by example and demonstrated professionalism. Each student possesses high standards of themselves and their school community. They have tirelessly participated in school activities and their voices will be missed. We know you are eagerly awaiting your next adventure, and we are excited to see your journey and accomplishments.

We wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. You deserve the spotlight!


The distance learning experience-live classes, virtual tours and future leaders

When people think of distance learning they may think of a teacher staring at their students through a laptop. Reflecting back on my experience has made me realize I was not just staring at my students on a screen. Alongside my chemistry students, we were exploring the many facets of chemistry and technology.

Using Microsoft Teams as a platform for live classes has been an eye opening experience. I was able to communicate and collaborate with my students in real time. The features in Teams allowed my students to become better leaders by presenting their work, sharing ideas, and explaining concepts to their peers. My students creatively drew diagrams, created graphs and data tables and developed organized digital notebooks.

During distance learning, my Year 7 Chemistry class took a virtual tour of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. I will never forget the excitement as my students explored and discovered the Giant Sloth or Tyrannosaurs Rex fossils from millions of years ago. As a class, we were able to not only take a journey back in time, but to another country, together virtually.

Overall, distance learning brought us closer together through live classes. As a teacher, I became more creative and innovative in my teaching methods. The students also had the opportunity to be creative and become better leaders. We conquered a large task with great success. I’m proud to have taught our future leaders at London Academy.

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