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Experiential Learning

Technology And Robotics

Our school incorporates technology and robotics into the curriculum to provide our students with real-world challenges and applications, preparing them for future careers in engineering, manufacturing, and related fields. Through our innovative robotics program, we strive to empower our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century.

Sports is more than PE

At London Academy, the Physical Education (PE) curriculum is an integral and compulsory part of the education process. PE Classes helps to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. It inculcates a respect for rules and allows the participants to learn the value to self-control.


STEAM education aims to promote interdisciplinary learning and provide students with hands-on experiences that allow them to apply their knowledge to real-world situations. Through STEAM education, students learn to think critically and creatively, develop innovative solutions to complex problems, and communicate their ideas effectively.

Speech and Communication

At London Academy Casablanca, speech and debate skills can help students become more confident communicators and better presenters. These skills can also help students develop research and critical thinking skills as they prepare for debates and speeches.


London Academy
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School Hours

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