Distance Learning

July 2, 2020 | By Morgan Robinson

The distance learning experience-live classes, virtual tours and future leaders

When people think of distance learning they may think of a teacher staring at their students through a laptop. Reflecting back on my experience has made me realize I was not just staring at my students on a screen. Alongside my chemistry students, we were exploring the many facets of chemistry and technology.

Using Microsoft Teams as a platform for live classes has been an eye opening experience. I was able to communicate and collaborate with my students in real time. The features in Teams allowed my students to become better leaders by presenting their work, sharing ideas, and explaining concepts to their peers. My students creatively drew diagrams, created graphs and data tables and developed organized digital notebooks.

During distance learning, my Year 7 Chemistry class took a virtual tour of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. I will never forget the excitement as my students explored and discovered the Giant Sloth or Tyrannosaurs Rex fossils from millions of years ago. As a class, we were able to not only take a journey back in time, but to another country, together virtually.

Overall, distance learning brought us closer together through live classes. As a teacher, I became more creative and innovative in my teaching methods. The students also had the opportunity to be creative and become better leaders. We conquered a large task with great success. I’m proud to have taught our future leaders at London Academy.

About the Author

Ms. Morgan is a secondary school chemistry teacher at London Academy Casablanca. The school year 2019-2020 was her second year as a licensed science teacher. Previously, she was a high school biology and human anatomy teacher in the UAE. She received her teaching degree in Biology Education from Ferris State University in Michigan, USA.
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