Parent Testimonials

July 2, 2020 | By Morgan Robinson

Parent Testimonials provide the genuine feedback future parents of London Academy need to hear. By reading the testimonials of our London Academy parent’s, it is evident that our school focuses on technology, the well-being of your pupil and developing 21st century skills. Check out what our parents have to say about their pupil attending London Academy and their experience with distance learning.

Q. How is distance learning going?

“I find that London Academy’s educational system and curriculum is excellent. London Academy especially emphasizes on technology, which is not the case for many Moroccan schools. Technology is prevalent in the careers of the future, especially with what we are living in today, with COVID-19, everything will be done on the internet.” –Mr. Assime (LAC parent)

“It’s a great experience! Frankly, we do not feel that our children are lost, on the contrary, they are in class, nothing has changed except the fact they are staying at home.” –Mrs. Tiouale (LAC Parent)

“Idder has been interested, from an early age, in learning English and information technology and especially everything that has to do with programming language. At London Academy, he has found his opportunity; he found what he had been looking for.” – Mr. Moutia (LAC Parent)

Q. How does the British education system compare to the traditional education system?

“My son is happy! I see it through his smile in the morning when he goes to school, when he comes home in the evening, when I pick him up from school. He is happy to go to school every day.” –Mr. Ait Ounejjar (LAC parent

About the Author

Ms. Morgan is a secondary school chemistry teacher at London Academy Casablanca. The school year 2019-2020 was her second year as a licensed science teacher. Previously, she was a high school biology and human anatomy teacher in the UAE. She received her teaching degree in Biology Education from Ferris State University in Michigan, USA.
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